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Ice moves in

Travel will be impacted overnight and Friday
Posted at 2:13 PM, Feb 03, 2022

As temperatures continue to fall, we are seeing some ice start to form on objects off the ground like cars and trees especially in our northern counties. The remainder of the evening will be filled with more of these reports. Bridges and overpasses will be the first of the roads to freeze.

The freezing line will continue to push Southeast through the evening before reaching Southeastern KY late tonight. Because of the delay in cold air, the ice accumulation totals should be a bit less. There is still a good swath covering the northern part of our area that should see a quarter to one half an inch of ice accumulation. Between a tenth and a quarter of an inch of ice is expected for counties along the parkways and less than a tenth of an inch for Southern KY. Southern KY is more apt to see mostly all rain.

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Up to half an inch of ice is enough to create problems like power outages and downed tree limbs, as well as travel issues. Something else to look out for is a pickup of wind tonight. Wind gusts in excess of 25 mph are forecast and could add stress to the ice-covered trees and power lines. Wind chill temperatures will drop to the single digits tonight with the wind.


On the back end of this ice storm, there will be enough cold air at the surface and above for us to see a quick changeover to sleet and snow overnight and into Friday morning. Light accumulations of less than one inch of snow is expected for most, with a coating or no snow south. The rest of our Friday will be calmer, but cold. The weekend will warm up some more.