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Lower Humidity Today

Mostly Dry Day Too
Posted at 3:51 AM, Jun 24, 2020

So far this morning we are starting out with more pleasant temperatures to wake up on our Wednesday temperatures are coming in in the low to the mid-60s maybe even possibly a couple of upper fifties out there as you are heading out the door it is a more comfortable feel for us because the dew points are currently on the lower side thanks to yesterday's cold front. High temperatures will eventually be pushing back up into the upper 70s in the low eighties today stopping around 80 degrees but as that happens we are going to see quite a bit of sunshine today. It looks like a few clouds will rest over us maybe this morning and a stray rain shower can't be ruled out completely but the cold front will help to keep us mostly dry today. That Pleasant feel will continue over the course of the next couple of days but we will begin to eventually start to see a little bit more mugginess moving back into the Ohio Valley. It looks like the rain chances will remain further north of us today possibly even some heavy rain further to the Northeast. Future Track will show a couple of more showers possible later this afternoon but again many of us will remain dry as we head through the next 8 days we will start to see that humidity picking up just a bit it looks like we will get back up into the mid-80s pretty soon as well but for the next couple of days at least we'll be in the low 80s. High temperatures will be in the mid-80s by Saturday with a few more shower and storm chances.