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More Active Weather for Weekend

Severe Storms Possible North
Posted at 3:53 AM, Jun 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-26 14:37:07-04

A better chance for thunderstorms sits just northwest of us today. In fact, the area shaded red on the image represents a slight risk for severe storms. Our chances to see storms will increase through the weekend along with some more heat and humidity. Scattered to numerous showers are anticipated mainly in the afternoons. Dew points will begin to climb starting today...mostly into the mid 60s, but the more oppressive numbers, like the low 70s, won't be here until late weekend or early next week.

Temperatures should also get up to a more normal range both Saturday and Sunday. Look for the mid 80s until Sunday when a cold front helps those numbers back down to the upper 70s/around 80 for Sunday. The Saharan dust will likely pay us a visit and peak sometime Saturday. That will cause the atmosphere to look a bit more hazy and hopefully bring some more color to Saturday's sunset if we don't have too many clouds. The plume will then fade by next week.