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Plenty of Heat Headed Our Way

Running into the low 90s for end of July
Posted at 5:05 PM, Jul 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-25 17:05:11-04

After a beautiful Saturday, we are seeing more rain and storm action this Sunday afternoon as temperatures really heat up. High humidity levels are also playing a major factor in the weather today. Not only does it feel very muggy, but it's also causing some very heavy rain to fall from the clouds. Deep moisture will exist for the rest of the evening and night, but we'll see more changes into the start of our new work week. The rest of the weekend will hold more of these scattered heavy downpours plus some intense lightning in thunderstorms. Some of these showers are slow-movers, too, so we're watching the potential for local flooding. Once the sun is down, many of these thunderstorms will lose intensity and begin to fade overnight.

Monday will start off with many clouds and even some rain showers or a thunderstorm inching into southern KY. The moisture will sit over the south along the cold front so dew point temperatures will remain on the very muggy side most of the day. The drier air will begin to push south into northern KY by late morning which will help the dew points to dip into the 60s by the afternoon. I have given Monday's forecast a "silver medal" because of the muggy air and showers still around for half of the state.

Once the front is through, we will be seeing more improvements for Tuesday. More sunshine heads our way as well as some pretty strong heat from the Midwest. Temperatures will be running into the low 90s for a good part of the week beginning Tuesday and lasting through Thursday. Do your best to stay cool this week!