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Rain ramps up on Sunday

Great weather follows soon after
Posted at 6:23 PM, Sep 10, 2022

Our weekend has gotten off to a decent start. Some have seen lighter rain showers today, and others have stayed dry, but with many clouds. Tomorrow will bring us a better shot at not only rain, but possibly a few isolated thunderstorms as well. Have the umbrella ready to go on Sunday, but you likely won't need it over your head until the afternoon/evening time frame. A stray shower is possible before noon, but the action will ramp up a bit after noon and maybe even closer to dinner time. Rain showers will have the tendency to be heavy at times especially in any thunderstorm. Because of the cloud cover and rain, temperatures will likely remain in the 70s all day with some pressing closer to 80 degrees. It will be warm and muggy but not hot.

As we move into the new work week, we see a pretty drastic weather change as the low pressure rolls on out of our hair, sunshine will return starting Monday and we'll dry out. The temperature trend will be lower, post cold front, Monday and Tuesday (low 70s) then we'll stair-step our way back toward and over 80 degrees again by mid week. Dry weather will be the story the remainder of the 8 day forecast.