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Small rain chance Friday

Otherwise, heat continues to build
Posted at 2:10 PM, Jun 13, 2024

As we roll on through mid June, we look down the road at some big-time warmth coming on. Temperatures, today, got into the mid and upper 80s with no problem and this is just a bit of what is to come as the heat ridge builds. Friday will bring us a small chance for a shower or isolated thunderstorm, but don't expect much. Chances are low and spotty with a weak cold front, then as Friday ends, the rain chances end too.

The upcoming Father's Day weekend will turn dry and hot again. The high temperatures trend will press and linger in the low 90s. We have yet to see a 90-degree day this year, but we may have a few by the time next week is over with. The heat dome will linger through next week with only small rain chances in the next 8 days.