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Strong storm potential this evening

Keeping active for a couple of days
Posted at 3:48 PM, May 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-18 16:21:56-04

We have our eye on the potential for a few strong to severe thunderstorms as we work into the evening and overnight hours. It has been a warm day with many clouds, but some of the clouds have been breaking apart this afternoon showing a bit of sun. The sun will add more fuel to the energy that is currently in the atmosphere.

The potential for strong thunderstorms is conditional upon a few things this evening like the temperatures and dew points. We must see more moisture working in from the southwest before we see the storms get going. If storms do indeed kick up, then the main threats will be strong or damaging winds, small hail and torrential rain. The chance for an isolated tornado is still low, but there. Flooding is also a possibility due to the fact that some of the storms will be slow-moving at times and if storms begin to train (one after another in the same location) then the rain will really start to add up.

The timing for these storms (if they develop) is mainly after the evening commute into the late evening...6 pm to 11 pm or so. Everything will work down into southern KY by the nighttime then we have another shot at some strong storms again through our Thursday. Have a plan in place now should weather become severe.