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Weather pattern looks more unsettled

Chances for rain/storms into next week
Posted at 3:16 PM, Apr 27, 2022

After a terrific weather day with full sunshine, we will start to see some changes over the next few days. Tonight won't be as cold as last night so there's only a very small chance for frost. Thursday looks to be nice and dry again as a low pressure nears us, but won't fully make its way into Kentucky. The warm front will lift north of us and that will hold a chance for rain showers north and west of us while temperatures warm back up into the mid 60s again. The overall trend will be warming as we see a bit more unsettled weather coming in in time for the weekend.

Friday will hold a few rain showers, but not an all day rain. Both Saturday and Sunday will be more active with rain and thunderstorms as we start to see a few different rounds of weather moving in and out even into next week. Temperatures will remain in the 60s until Saturday. After that, we'll warm back up toward normal (low 70s) with the mid 70s set for mid week including a chance for rain still.