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Winter is Coming

Winter Solstice begins Monday
Posted at 5:06 PM, Dec 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-20 17:06:05-05

Our day began with a lot of clouds and some leftover drizzle from last night's rain, but the sky began to clear up some sending us a few peeks of sun late in the day. Now, as we near the start of a new work week, and hopefully a short week for most, we are beginning to see a more active weather pattern setting us for us. The week will begin fairly quiet. There's a small system that could clip Kentucky and bring a few rain showers through Monday afternoon. Winter officially begins tomorrow at 5:02 am and that will be the shortest day of the year....we will see days getting longer now. Temperatures will be mild through Wednesday.

When we get to midweek, that is when the action picks up and we start to see more "fun" weather. Wednesday will bring another low pressure which will start off with rain as the cold Arctic air will not have fallen over us yet. On the back side of the rain, the cold comes changing over the rain to snow for some of the state. Timing will need to be just right, but I believe we have a good shot at seeing snow late Christmas Eve and into Christmas Day, but no totals yet. One thing is for sure...Christmas Day will be cold!