Early week showers & storms

Cold front moving in
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Posted at 12:59 PM, Apr 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-25 19:00:58-04

An early-week cold front is moving through the state today bringing showers and thunderstorms ahead of a much cooler airmass. So far today, it’s been an increase in clouds mixed with temperatures still feeling summer-like reaching the middle and upper 80s across the forecast area.

Showers are moving in now and will continue through the evening hours. This line will be breaking up quite a bit through the time frame it is in Kentucky, but we will still have to contend with thunderstorms at times. A few heavy downpours with lightning will be the main threat this evening. A few storms may push severe limits bringing damaging wind gusts down to the surface. If this happens it will be an isolated event. Early tomorrow morning, we will see the last of the showers exit via the southeastern counties.

Afterwards, we will get the sunshine back. Temperatures will not warm much past 60 degrees tomorrow afternoon (if we even make it there). A frosty morning is possible on Wednesday, with overnight temperatures expected near 35 degrees.