Ending a warm and wet winter

3rd warmest on record
Posted at 9:12 AM, Mar 01, 2020

Winter 2019-2020 is in the books and so is the weather that came with it. It was an incredibly active winter with what seemed like rain every few days and temperatures that just didn’t represent the season.

We’ll start with temperatures. The warmest temperature recorded during the winter season was 75 degrees, the afternoon of January 11th. This is also the 3rd warmest temperature ever recorded in any winter season on record. The coldest temperature recorded was 12 degrees on February 15th. The seasonal mean ended up at 40.8 degrees which makes this the 3rd warmest winter on record.

Winter 2019-2020 was also pretty wet. Several flood events were the direct result of days of rainy weather. We had 55 days with measurable precipitation amounting to 14.46.” That total puts this winter as the 21st wettest on record. 14.46” of precipitation is 4.13” above or season normal. The highest daily precipitation total amounted to 2.45” on December 16th which was all rain. That’s the 26th highest daily precipitation total ever recorded in any winter season.

Snowfall underachieved this season only amounting to 3.6” all of which was recorded in February alone. The 3.6” season total is 7.4” below or seasonal snowfall normal and puts us as the 14th least snowiest winter season on record. It’s not overly unusual to not record snow in December, but January is a different story. January 2020 joins a short list of 9 years to not have a measurable snowfall in that month. The last time we didn’t record snowfall in January was 31 years ago (1989). The highest daily snowfall total was 1.4” on February 7th.

High temperature records
67⁰ - January 10th - Old record: 65⁰ 2018
75⁰ - January 11th - Old record: 66⁰ 1890
69⁰ - January 15th - Old record: 68⁰ 1950

Warmest minimum temperature record
57⁰ - January 10thOld record: 49⁰ 1972