Every day the same

Stagnant summer pattern in place
Posted at 1:25 PM, Aug 12, 2020

Hot, humid, and stormy. You’ve heard that for a while now and it continues this week. Temperatures were already pushing into the low 80s before noon and we’ll keep climbing to the upper 80s or low 90s by late part of the day. Dew point temperatures are uncomfortable and reside in the low 70s, making the heat index stand between 90 and close to 100 this afternoon.

A stalled cold can be blamed for the stagnant pattern this week. The front continues to keep air pressure on the low end which aids in thunderstorm development. Heat and humidity are already present, so once we get to the hottest parts of the day…BOOM thunderstorms. Most will be isolated and garden variety. Nothing really stands out as a severe threat through Saturday. Still, a few of these could cluster together and make for a pretty strong thunderstorm. Heavy rain and abundant lightning are a given. Damaging wind gusts possible. One or two of these storms may push severe limits but it will be an exception. Expect mostly afternoon activity through the end of the week and into the weekend. A passing cold front should complete its journey through the state early next week. This will bring an air mass much like the one we had last week. Cooler and drier for a better feeling.