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Cold front knocks humidity down today
Posted at 8:14 AM, Jun 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-07 08:14:32-04

Temperatures are going to run cooler and the humidity will take a noticeable cut for your Sunday thanks to a mid-weekend cold front. As of now, temperatures are about where we were or cooler by up to 5 degrees across the state. We run from the low to upper 60s. Some fog is present this morning, but otherwise there’s not much happening.

The summer pattern continues this week with only one hiccup and that being Tropical Storm Cristóbal. We will be getting some of the leftover moisture associated with the system. As for now, things remain dry and we will warm back into the middle 80s this afternoon, however with a more comfortable feeling. Heat and humidity crank up early in the week, thanks to a persistent southerly flow. You’ll really start to notice the humidity on Tuesday. The added moisture and heat will allow some pop-up thunderstorms and a few waves of rain to scoot over from Cristóbal as it passes west of us. Cristóbal will get picked up by a passing cold front and sent our way as a remnant low bringing us more rain and a few thunderstorms Wednesday. Of course, the storm will no longer pose a wind threat, but will bring in a decent shot at some rain for mid-week. After the cold front/low passage, things even back out with high pressure. We’ll cool and cut humidity slightly through the end of the week but we gain it all back as we roll into next weekend.