First front arrives tomorrow

Rain arrives later in the day Thursday
Posted at 2:53 PM, Dec 15, 2021

When you walk outside, things feel odd. It’s December 15th and temperatures are in the 60s. What’s more impressive, is we achieved this with cloud coverage most of the day. A little clearing showed in the afternoon, but it’s the wind that warmed us up today. Temperatures will reside in the low 60s for another afternoon (Thursday) and pretty close to for the rest of the week.

We have two lows headed our direction late week. The first is well to the north and we will only get rain from the cold front portion of the system. The front is slated for Thursday afternoon and evening. Once the line of rain reaches the southeast it will put the brakes on before lifting north again, as the warm front with the second system. This will bring another wave of rain through the afternoon of Friday. The cold front with the second storm will arrive through the day Saturday and continue into Sunday morning. There will be thunderstorm embedded inside of these waves of rain. As of now, the intensity of the storms looks typical. However, strong wind gusts and heavy rain are possible, if not even expected. Some cells could contain abundant lightning.

Something else to watch will be the potential for minor to moderate flooding as we have the waves move through. Heavy rain could fall in the same areas with each, so high water is possible. Early estimates have between 2” to 3” of rainfall through Saturday night. Be watching for high water through the weekend, and remember to turn around if it covers the roadway,