Focus shifts to freezing mornings

Damage to sensitive vegetation possible
Posted at 2:14 PM, Apr 21, 2021

The early morning snow has mostly vanished from existence thanks to temperatures warming into the 40s this afternoon. Clouds have been slowly breaking, but we’re not quite finished with precipitation. A few scattered rain and snow showers are still possible through late today and again tomorrow. Don’t expect much out of these. The cold air and clearing skies will make for a very cold overnight situation.

Waking up this morning, some areas in Kentucky had snow on the ground, others did not. Whatever small amount did collect did not last long after sunrise as temperatures warmed above freezing. The only spots that may still show the evidence are the shady locations around the state, but with higher sun-angles this time of the year, those are hard to come by. Now, the attention shifts to the cold air and the clearing in the overnight time frame. Due to the combination of these two, temperatures will be bottoming out tomorrow morning at or below freezing. Damage to sensitive vegetation is possible and therefore a FREEZE WARNING will be in effect from midnight through 10:00 AM Thursday. Similar temperatures will happen again on Friday but will be a few degrees warmer. This will eliminate freezing for some locations, others it will not. A freeze or frost alert is also possible Friday. Regardless, it will be two days that you’ll want to protect the sensitive plants in your gardens. The weekend promises warmer temperatures, with a good deal of rain on Saturday. Warmer air continues to arrive through the early parts of next week.