Getting back that mid-summer feeling

Temperatures go above normal for early week
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Posted at 6:31 AM, Sep 12, 2021

Sunny skies are set for Sunday once we get the sun up with only a slight cirrus haze in place. Temperatures are starting warmer for everyone this morning by about 5-10 degrees. This puts most locations in the upper 50s or low to middle 60s. Visibility seems fine, except for usual problem areas.

It’s going to be another beautiful Sunday with plenty of sunshine. For those who are not ready to let go of summer, temperatures will warm quickly to mid-summer standards. It’s actually the best of both worlds because we’re getting the mid-summer heat, with the late-summer humidity. So, you’ll feel some thickness to the air, but not uncomfortable. These warmer than normal temperatures hang out for a few more days. We’ll eventually settle back to normal (lower 80s) by mid-to-late week.

This will come with a cold front stretching over the region. A slightly higher rain chance will be present Wednesday and Thursday as the front moves close. Activity will mostly be afternoon scattered thunderstorms. Things seem to quiet down for the weekend.