Great weather continues

Sunday will be mild & comfortable
Posted at 4:59 PM, May 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-30 16:59:26-04

Temperatures are running slightly cooler compared to this time yesterday thanks to a well-timed cold front. Cooler air and more importantly drier air have made for a wonderful feeling day Saturday, and we get to keep similar conditions going to Sunday as well.

We are running about 5 degrees cooler from 24 hours ago only reaching the mid to upper 70s state-wide. A few spots have challenged 80 degrees, but most will end the day in the 70s. It’s been a wonderful day with the lower heat and lower humidity. Warm and comfortable. We keep similar conditions into Sunday, but we will actually run cooler. Temperatures will top out around 70 degrees with a lower dew point making for a more comfortable day. Enjoy it, because summer is about to slide back in. As the center of high-pressure slides east of us Monday, temperatures will have a chance to warm thanks to an established southerly flow. It will be gradual at first, and then become more pronounced as the week goes on. Rain chances remain nil through Monday but will start to climb as well thanks to the increase in moisture. The next best chance for rain will come with a weak cold front Thursday. Showers will get going and thunderstorms will form into the afternoon. Temperatures around this part of the week will boost into the middle 80s with humidity creeping back up. We’ll keep a hot, humid, and stormy pattern through late-week and into the weekend.