Hazy sunshine again today

Sunshine on a warm (and slightly) humid day
Posted at 7:38 AM, Jul 20, 2021

Nice weather continues across the Commonwealth with mostly clear skies this morning and a mild, but mostly comfortable feeling to the air. Showers are around us, but not over us with the closest activity being in Tennessee. If you’re river valley has fog this morning, some drizzle or mist is possible, otherwise, expect a dry and clear start to the day.

As we progress into the afternoon, the heating of the day will spawn more decorator cumulus. Very few of these will produce showers. The only spots that may see a few drizzle or sprinkle showers will be near the Cumberland Gap, where pressure is a little lower. Plan on a warm and slightly humid afternoon with abundant time to be outside. A (mostly) dry cold front will dive south through the day on Wednesday which is why our rain chance goes from a 10% up to a 20%. Again, most will stay dry, but one or two clouds may produce a light rain shower. Temperatures will still be warm, and humidity will be slight.

The end of the week promises more activity with showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast. Humidity will increase over the weekend adding fuel for the storms. A low sliding in will provide the ingredients for some turbulent afternoons. Heavy downpours and lightning with a few strong wind gusts expected. Best chance for rain will be around the Sunday/Monday time frame.