Heat, humidity, and storms this weekend

Active weather inbound
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Posted at 5:35 AM, Jun 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-26 11:15:15-04

Like the last few days, high pressure will keep things uneventful in the rain and thunderstorm department. Heat also sticks around, and we will start feeling the humidity this weekend. As for now, we remain warm. Temperatures are still in the 70s for some while others have crossed into the mid-to-upper 60s. Visibility seems fine in most areas.

Heat will build quickly through your Saturday, thanks to increasing sunshine through the afternoon and a breezy southerly wind. Rain and thunderstorms will still hold off thanks to the strength of the high pressure, so that chance for a cooling thundershower will not be available this afternoon. Storms will have a slightly better chance tomorrow as the high continues to break down and a line of low pressure slides closer. This line is a series of lows, connected by fronts, that’s been stalled to our northwest thanks to the strong high pressure that has kept us dry.

As the lows move further east, our chances for thunderstorms will go up. First, it will be your daily afternoon pop-up storm activity. Coverage will get a little higher into the early part of the week and again for midweek. Late week will bring more widespread showers and thunderstorms as the lows finally cross the state. The benefits will include a cooler and more comfortable end to next weekend.