Heavy rain and strong storm threat

Strong thunderstorms through Thursday
Posted at 2:47 PM, Apr 28, 2021

It has been a relatively quiet day so far with only light and scattered showers in the forecast area. This has been under extensive cloud coverage with only a few breaks in between. Despite the clouds, temperatures have warmed back into the 70s and a few spots have pushed into the 80s. We can thank the breezy southwesterly wind for that.

Moving through the evening showers and storms will become more numerous. Heavy rain and lightning will be the more expected threats out of this, but strong wind gusts are certainly possible as well. Severe thunderstorms have been firing off southwest of us earlier today. We also have a chance for some of our storms to push severe limits with damaging wind gusts and hail. These threats are on the low end, but an isolated incident is certainly possible. Showers and storms continue overnight with intensity expected to subside some as we move into the morning hours. Showers will continue scattered through Thursday morning.

More widespread activity will occur in the afternoon Thursday as the cold front slices through the state. Another round of strong to borderline severe storms is expected Thursday afternoon. Threats will again include damaging wind gusts and hail on the low end, but heavy rain and lightning on the higher end. Heavy and periodic rain will bring a chance for flash flooding to some of our northwestern Bluegrass Counties. A FLASH FLOOD WATCH is in effect through Thursday afternoon. 2.00" to 4.00" of rainfall is possible during this time. Highest amounts will fall on the north side of the Ohio River.

FLASH (1).jpg

Showers will wind down overnight and into Friday morning. Oaks day looks better than earlier in the week with rain ending early in the morning and sunshine increasing through the day. Temperatures will run on the cool side, but still mild. Derby is looking better as well with temperatures near 70 degrees and plenty of sunshine.