Hot and humid with storms...again

A “rinse & repeat” pattern in place
Posted at 4:26 PM, Jul 07, 2020

Hot and humid conditions continue across the Commonwealth with many temperatures reaching and surpassing 90 degrees. Temperatures are running cooler where we’ve had a thundershower pass over, like the one that formed over southwest Lexington early in the afternoon. Isolated pop-ups will continue to form while we continue heating. Once that goes away, storms will subside overnight.

The “rinse and repeat” pattern continues this week with similar conditions each day. Warm and muggy mornings become hot and humid afternoons. Isolated t-showers form in the afternoons dropping heavy rain and producing a few strong wind gusts. Some of the storms will cluster together making for slow-moving storms which could lead to minor flood conditions. Strong wind gusts and hail also possible. Towards the end of the week, a cold front will bring in a drier air mass which will cut humidity slightly. It will also take temperatures down, closer to “normal” for this time of the year. Next week sees lower rain and storm chances with a more typical temperature pattern.