Hot, humid, and pop-up t-showers

Conditions remain the same
Posted at 3:17 PM, Jul 08, 2020

Not much in the way of change for your Wednesday. Showers and thunderstorms are forming thanks to the daytime heating and as the storms wash out, more are formed from the outflow boundaries. The rain seems to be the only thing cooling us down this week. If a shower rolls overhead, things will feel better. If not, expect temperatures to run warm in the low 90s again with dew point temperatures reaching the low 70s.

It’s another day with the heat, humidity, and pop-up t-showers. Some storms have clustered together giving it more of a scattered feel to the activity. However, most of the storms are popping up individually thanks to outflow boundaries from other storms. As we lose the heat, we lose the storms overnight. We’ll have another round come through Thursday before a little more change is added to the forecast. A late-week cold front will look to bring in a better chance for rain and thunderstorms on Friday. Cold front during the summer are not really great for lowering temperatures. However, they are good for drying the air out a little. As we get into the afternoon Saturday, the dew point temperatures will dip slightly, and things will feel a little better for the weekend.