Large-step warm up through the weekend

Temperatures rebound
Posted at 8:55 AM, Dec 26, 2020

With snow on the ground and clear skies overhead, temperatures have taken a nosedive this morning. Air temperatures have fallen to near 10 degrees with some single digits out there. Monticello has been near 0 degrees for a while. With wind speeds still running between 5-15 mph, wind chill values are near 0 degrees or below. Bottom line, it’s a cold morning start and if you have to be out, you’ll need to bundle up.

Temperatures will have a chance to rebound this weekend, but we need some help. Clear skies will help today, but with snow on the ground, the best we can hop for is the upper 30s. This will help to melt a good deal of snow, so if the kiddos want to play in it, today is the day. Sunday will still have some snow, but it will be severely depleted and only in spots that remain shaded through the day. All snow should melt through Sunday thanks to a big temperature warm up from a southwesterly wind. Air temperatures will jump into the low 50s Sunday afternoon as a warm front feature sets up. The incoming cold front will slide in Monday bringing only rainfall and in scattered light showers at best. Monday’s front will not be a big rain maker. The better chance for rain (and potentially snow) comes around New Year’s Eve with a stronger cold front.