Less active for Sunday

A few showers with a little sun
Posted at 8:15 AM, Aug 02, 2020

Another mostly quiet morning, except for a few light and isolated showers on the MaxTrack. Rainfall rates are pretty low so expect mostly drizzle, or at best a light rain shower. Temperatures are running cooler thanks to the front, and you can actually feel it with the breeze in place. Visibility seems to be fine in all areas outside of the river valleys.

Booming storms last night brought rain and strong wind gusts at times. Today will be less active as the cold front continues to pass. Most rain experienced today will be in the form of light rain showers and mostly in the morning. The front will be passing early and that’s evident by the wind shifting and at slightly higher speeds than where we normally see it in the morning. The afternoon will be met with a little more sunshine and a nice feeling. Humidity will be cut down with a warm afternoon making for a nice one. There could still be a few isolated showers pop up into the afternoon with a few lightning strikes as well. However, thunderstorm activity will be a lot less than yesterday. Another few rounds of thunderstorms will be present each afternoon Monday and Tuesday. This is a second cold front that will bring in an even better air mass for the middle and end of the week.