Midweek “hiccup”

Inbound cold front to deliver a few showers
Posted at 1:32 PM, Sep 07, 2021

Blue skies over Kentucky thanks to continued high pressure. It’s a good-looking day and more importantly, a comfortable feeling day. Temperatures have warmed into the 80s, which is normal for this time of the year. The lower humidity is helping to keep things comfortable.

Another nice day in Kentucky with plenty of sunshine and a comfortable feeling in the air. Temperatures wasted no time reaching the 80s for most early this afternoon, and we’ll top out around 85. This warm air is not unexpected this time of the year, in fact, it’s normal. The lack of humidity makes the warmth tolerable and comfortable. Clouds will increase overnight as a cold front moves closer to Kentucky. Rain showers will reach the Bluegrass in the morning hours of Wednesday, where the Lakes and Eastern counties will get their shot at rain in the afternoon/evening. Rain amounts are expected to remain below a quarter of an inch, save for a few spots under heavier showers.

This is not expected to be a real rainmaker. Instead, it’ll be known for its transport of cooler and drier air. Afternoon temperatures will dip into the upper 70s both Thursday and Friday making it feel very fall-like late week. We will warm into the weekend, but rain chances remain low as high pressure continue to control our forecast.