Minimal changes

Still cloudy, cool, with some rain
Posted at 7:56 AM, Oct 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-25 14:24:47-04

Clouds hang tough this morning and will continue to do so through the day. Cool air remains in place with temperatures running in the mid-40s up north to the low 50s down south. A few light rain showers or drizzle is being picked up on the MaxTrack this morning.

Yesterday definitely reminded us of the season which will not be named. Cloudy skies were stubborn, and rain only fell in small increments, if at all. The wind kept up as the front moved on which made for an even chillier feel to the air. Which just put a damper on Saturday in general. Sunday will continue as such with only one minor change. Wind will be light through the day which will help it feel more like the actual air temperature. Still, expect cloudy, and chilly for Sunday with at least minor precipitation. Drizzle or light rain possible through the day, especially this morning. Moving on…Monday comes with a similar feel as a band of rain gets closer but doesn’t quite cross the Ohio. This is a stationary front that will slowly sag south through Tuesday and bump up the rain chances. Wednesday and Thursday will feature the addition of the remnants of now Tropical Storm Zeta as it slides into the Cumberland River Valley. Rain will be likely midweek with a few thunderstorms possibly embedded. Halloween weekend still looks good, with sunshine and mild temperatures.