Mostly quiet Sunday

A few rain showers will arrive later today
Posted at 5:46 AM, Jan 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-26 05:46:48-05

Cloudy skies remain over the region and cold air in place. If your car has been exposed outside, you may notice some snow has accumulated on top. Snow was light and came down with the minor amounts of drizzle overnight. No streets were affected. Temperatures are cold and will remain so through the day only reaching the low 40s this afternoon.

Other than the light rain/snow mix overnight and this morning, it’s been a pretty quiet start to Sunday. The only real evidence of the snow will be what’s left on your vehicle this morning before it melts. Temperatures start near freezing this morning but will warm into the low 40s before the sun sets. Cloudy skies remain all day as another weak low slides under us. The low will pass us to our south and break down almost immediately after passing the Mississippi River. Still the clouds will remain thick and the small amounts of moisture will make a run at us. If you live south of the Cumberland and Hal Rodgers Parkway, you will have the best chance at a cold rain later this evening and overnight. Rain showers will be light and will not put down much. Expect anywhere from a trace to a few tenths of an inch. Temperatures will remain above freezing for the event for most, so rain will be the primary form of precipitation. Higher terrain in the southeast may experience some wintry mix as temperatures cool to near freezing. Accumulations on roads are not expected. As we enter the work week, rain will let up and we remain cloudy and cold.