Mostly rain with some snow

Midweek system keeps things active
Posted at 3:51 AM, Dec 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-16 09:24:39-05

Cloud coverage is abundant this morning as the next rain/snow maker sits overhead. Things have been relatively uneventful so far with only minor rain, snow, or mix showers occurring. As the morning continues, dry slots will fill in. Temperatures are mostly at or above freezing, meaning rain will be the primary form of precipitation today.

The early to mid-morning hours will be the primary window for our winter precipitation chance. It already starts small, thanks to temperatures hovering above freezing for most, but a few spots have air surface temperatures at or below freezing. When widespread showers fill in the dry spots, it will be a thin line of snow or sleet followed by a large swath of cold rain. Temperatures will not get much above freezing today, but they will get enough above for everyone to transition over to rainfall by the late morning hours. From there, it’s a cold rain through the evening time frame. Any snow that does fall will be washed away fairly quickly. Rain will taper as we move into the late evening hours. Overnight we will drop down into the upper 20s and remain below freezing for much of the day Thursday. Only the mid-afternoon will see temperatures get into the mid-30s. This is important as there will be residual flurry or drizzle showers Thursday as the stratiform deck remains in place after the low moves out. If you’re not getting drizzle or flurries tomorrow, it’s cloudy and cold. Friday promises more sun and a small warm up with another break in the action.