Moving into the cool

FREEZE WARNING Monday morning
Posted at 8:00 AM, Nov 01, 2020

A few showers are possible through the afternoon thanks to a passing cold front. The chance is low, especially considering how quickly the cloud deck is eroding away. On a positive note, the time change has the sun up early and we’re already seeing some blue out there. Eastern and southern counties will lose cloud coverage into the late morning and early afternoon.

Things will look good for your Sunday, but you’ll notice some changes. Breezy conditions are present and will continue to ramp up through the later part of the day. This breeze will make today feel a lot cooler than it will be. We start with temperatures in the 50s or upper 40s and will cool through the late part of the day. Due to the clearing and the cold air in place, temperatures will drop low tomorrow morning. A FREEZE WARNING is in effect through 9:00 am Monday with temperatures falling into the upper or even middle 20s. Protect sensitive vegetation. We will warm each day moving forward, but temperatures will cool down to near and below freezing again Tuesday morning. Afterwards we get above freezing for a while. Afternoon temperatures will warm quickly into the 60s and even up to 70 degrees by the weekend upcoming. Sunshine and low rain chances will be the norm going forward.