Nice Saturday

Warm and comfy with a small shower chance
Posted at 6:29 AM, Jun 13, 2020

We enter the weekend on a quiet note with temperatures on the mild side. The 50s and low 60s are the bottom-out numbers. Wind is playing very little in the mix being light & variable at best. Temperatures are running a little warmer for most locations from just 24 hours ago, but not enough to notice.

Most of your weekend will be on the nice end of the weather spectrum as we wait on the only real rain chance we’ll get all next week. A weak cold front is sliding south and will interact with minimal amounts of moisture to bring in a few isolated thunderstorms. We have a small chance today, but it will certainly be outside of the norm. Sunday brings the better chance for activity as the cold front slides across the state. If you get caught under one of the cells, expect a brief heavy downpour some lightning and maybe a strong wind gust. These storms will be garden variety and prove to just bring a small interruption on another nice weekend day. Temperatures will run warm this afternoon (low to middle 80s) and will be cooler with the clouds and front tomorrow topping out in the mid to upper 70s. We will hover in the 70s again on Monday with another slight chance for storms. Then, it’s dry as the heat and humidity crank up. We will be close to 90 degrees by the end of the work week.