Over, but not quite finished

Wind still running high
Posted at 1:48 PM, Apr 13, 2020

The rain has been moving out, and the wind is starting to come down. A very potent spring storm system brought severe weather to millions across the Deep South and East Coast. Now, we’re in the wake. Temperatures are running much cooler thanks to a wind shift out of the northwest. We started with temperatures in the low 60s this morning, but we’ve cooled into the 40s and wind chills are in the 30s. Continued cooling will occur through the evening.

Cooler weather is expected after the potent storm system that brought damaging wind and heavy rain to us yesterday. Peak wind speeds were in the last 24 hours mostly resided in the 40 to 50 mph range, but a few outliers were the 55-mph gust in Knott County and the 79-mph gust that occurred at the Pike County Mesonet site. The wind has come down quite a bit, but we’re still dealing with gusty conditions. A WIND ADVISORY remains in effect through 7:00 p.m. Eastern and Southern Kentucky with wind gusts sill possible to 40 mph. Rainfall was impressive as well as several rounds of widespread ad heavy rain washed over us. Highest amounts recorded on the Mesonet network were in the 2.00” to 2.50” range with a localized reading of 3.32” at the site on Black Mountain. We may be *mostly* finished with this system, but don’t expect days of sunshine to follow. A weak wave will sit over us for a few days keeping mostly cloudy skies overhead and delivering a few small chances for precipitation. The majority of the precipitation will be rain, but as temperatures fall to near and below freezing, especially in the higher terrain southeast, some rain may briefly change over to snow. Snow amounts are expected to be minimal and exclusively confined to the southeast counties. Rainfall amounts will be equally unimpressive. We should get some sunshine Wednesday as temperatures begin to make a slow climb.