Pattern stays warm and turns active

Showers and storms daily through midweek
Posted at 3:10 PM, Dec 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-27 19:03:05-05

Temperatures running over 20 degrees above normal is nothing short of amazing, especially while occurring during the holidays. On Christmas, we tied a record of 70 degrees that afternoon which was previously set back in 1982. Today, we’re challenging another record high temperature of 70 degrees which was set back in 2015. Along with the warmer than normal temperatures, comes an active pattern that will last for a few days. You might have seen a few drops on the windshield today or noticed the pavement looked a little damp. This is a weak cold front allowing light drizzle showers to fall across the region. Most of us don’t have any precipitation falling and are just stuck under the clouds.

Tomorrow shows a better chance for activity. This pesky drizzle activity will continue overnight tonight with only a few light showers mixing in with the cold front. The first wave of meaningful precipitation will be in the middle of the day when a warm front lifts north. This will be a swath of light to moderate rain with a few thunderstorms mixed in. The wave will not last long and by the middle to late afternoon, we’re back to cloud coverage and drizzle showers. Another good shot at rain arrives early Wednesday morning with the cold front. This will consist of a line of showers and thunderstorms, carrying heavy rain and gusty winds. That line will clear in the late morning and early afternoon, followed by the next low in the lineup which will bring the best chance for rain this week. It arrives late in the day Wednesday.

Temperatures remain warmer than average for the entire week. Even with the activity, we remain in the low 60s almost every afternoon until the new year.