Perfect midweek weather

Sunny, warm, and free of rain
Posted at 3:34 PM, Oct 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-06 19:37:33-04

Today has been another nice “looker” but it also feels great too. Temperatures are up 5-15 degrees from this time yesterday which will put our afternoon highs in the 70s instead of the 60s this afternoon. High pressure is keeping things clear, not allowing any rain in the region.

If you’re longing for warmer, summer-like air, wait at day. Tomorrow will feature a similar forecast where we remain clear and free of rain and get another 10-degree bump in temperatures. This is due to a wind shift and speed change, transporting warm air into the region and making for a more summertime feel. The impending cold front is still expected to pass us by with nothing more than a small temperature drop. We’ll fall back to the low or middle 70s for late week. Changes in the look of the forecast will occur around Friday, as clouds increase through the day. This is from the tropical system known as Delta. Delta will be rapidly decreasing in strength once it makes a landfall somewhere in Louisiana. It will be post-tropical or at best a low-end tropical storm as it moves south of Kentucky. The leftover moisture will be enough to reach us over the latter part of the weekend. Rain showers will be off and on through Sunday, but the chance gets higher on Monday as the leftover system gets closer. A cold front will be instrumental in pushing delta east away from us. That new front will arrive in the middle of next week bringing rain and thunderstorms and a cooler, fall air mass for the middle and end of next week.