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Tracking the End of the Rain

Posted at 2:09 PM, Oct 15, 2018

After a couple of gloomy days we get a nice break for a while. Before we get there, we’re still tracking plenty of rain across Kentucky. Most of the rain is coming down in large areas of light rain or mist. Embedded is a few spots of moderate to heavy rain which may reduce visibility on roads. Temperatures are starting to react to the cooler air moving in from the northwest. The Bluegrass and out west, temperatures are in the mid-50s, while 60+ is being felt in eastern and southeastern counties.

The rain is expected to finish throughout the evening state-wide today. The cold front will bring in cooler and drier air. Some stalling from the front will keep clouds around through tomorrow morning, especially in the southern counties. As we progress into the afternoon, the sun will show up for everyone. We’ll keep that sunshine through the end of the work week. Temperatures will take a little bit of a hit we’re forecast to move back down into the 50s the next few afternoons. However, it is the overnight lows that tell more of the cool down story. Lows through Friday morning will drop down to the 30s. A reinforcing cold front will drop them to the low 30s Thursday morning. This means our first frost, and maybe even our first freeze could occur this weekend.