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The Sunshine Continues. The Warmth Does Not

Posted at 4:32 PM, Oct 23, 2018

With the sun and southerly winds today and yesterday we had a nice warm up to go with our sunshine. However, a sneaky dry cold front will be responsible for a cool down, but that’s it. The sunshine will continue, with cooler air moving in. Winds have already shifted from the NE, so the mid-50s is likely all we’ll get today.

The cooler air moving in will take overnight lows down to the low or mid-30s. We’re back to freeze and frost potential through the rest of the work week. Afternoons will stay in the 50s, so expect cool days ahead. A change will bring in a wet pattern for the weekend, as the remnant energy of “Willa” makes the long journey across Mexico, Texas, the Southeast, and into Kentucky. We’re expecting rain showers Through the weekend and into next week with a supplemental cold front looking to bring introduce the next round of winter-like air. Bottom line, anything that needs to be done outside, you may want to consider this week. The weekend will be a little damp.