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Nice Day For the Last Cats Home Game!

Posted at 8:18 AM, Nov 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-17 08:18:03-05

We’re finally seeing a stretch of weather that is more likely during this time of the year. Temperatures have recovered from the deep freeze as of late and now we’re moving towards more mild afternoon. Mornings will still be cold, but that’s expected. Right now, it’s calm and quiet but cold. Temperatures are around freezing or even below. Fog will be an issue for those getting on the roads early. Freezing fog could be possible as well. Watch for ice accumulations on windshields, bridges, and overpasses.

It’s a quiet morning. We’re tracking nothing on the MaxTrack. Other than the morning fog, it’s quiet and will remain so through the day. Eventually the fog will lift and the clouds will break apart. Partly cloudy skies are expected through the afternoon especially for northern counties. Southern counties may have mostly sunny skies through most of the day. Temperatures will warm from the cold 30s or upper 20s to the mild 50s for this afternoon. That being said, most of your Saturday will be chilly. Temperatures for kickoff for Kentucky will be around the mid-40s. The sun will be overhead so most should be fine as temperatures continue to warm throughout. A light jacket may be needed for the beginning of the game. If you’re not heading to Kroger field today, outdoor activities will be a go. No rain (or snow) in the forecast this weekend. The next shot comes Monday with a small, mostly dry cold front.  ​