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Gloomy Turns to Nice

Posted at 3:10 PM, Nov 20, 2018

We’re tracking another gloomy day, although this time, without the rain. It’s cold and gray and very reminiscent of winter weather. Temperatures have struggled to reach the 40s in the southern counties and we may touch that or a little more in the Bluegrass. Bottom line, it’s bitter outside. The good news, is that trend doesn’t continue into the holiday.

Starting tomorrow, we’ll be seeing more sunshine. Another cold front is expected to dive south Wednesday and Thursday. The region is moisture starved and that means we should stay precipitation-free as the front lays over the region. While we may stay out of the precipitation, we will get a round of clouds out of it. So partly cloudy is how we’ll stay for Wednesday through Friday. Temperatures do recover some, but we’re still looking at a chilly and dry Thanksgiving holiday. Which, compared to the alternate (rain or snow), is a pretty good deal. Holiday travel will be fine Wednesday through Friday. Starting late Friday night, rain will enter the forecast as another quick-hitting system works in.