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A Few Leftover Showers

Posted at 7:31 AM, Nov 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-24 07:31:24-05

The bulk of the rain is finished, but we’re not quite finished with the rain. A few spotty showers will be all that remains of the showers and even thunderstorms of last night. Higher pressure is trying to clear clouds today but it will not be all that successful. Cloudy skies will remain in place for most of the forecast region today, but a few of you may get a little sun before it goes down for the night.

The leftover spotty rain showers will continue through the mid-afternoon. This does not mean you will get rain today, but the chances are up until that time. If you don’t get a drop all day, you’ll definitely be dealing with the clouds. If heading to the Governor’s Cup, it will be a nice one with mild temperatures. Overnight we get chilly, but we’re tracking a very nice Sunday as clouds build, but temperatures boost to the low 60s. Take advantage of the warmth while we have it, because temperatures are about to take a dive. A shock to the system arrives midweek. A couple of cold fronts will bring a change of plan to our forecast in a time frame of about 24 hours. Heavy jackets will be needed again from the beginning through middle of the week.

This radar image is from 7:24 AM Saturday. To get an updated radar image, Click Here