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Winter Travel Conditions For Monday

Posted at 6:26 PM, Nov 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-25 18:26:29-05

We’re tracking a slippery back-to-work forecast for those returning tomorrow. Clouds have been increasing today thanks to the quick-moving low that’s cutting across the plains as we speak. A few minor rain showers or even drizzle can be seen on the MaxTrack, mainly in western counties. Rain chances increase overnight as scattered showers and even a few embedded t-storms roll in with the cold front. Temperatures will plummet immediately and snow will begin mixing with the rain as the sun is coming up tomorrow. Travel conditions will deteriorate as we move into the daylight hours. Morning, lunch, and evening commutes will all be impacted. Wind will also be an issue through tonight and tomorrow. More information coming up in your full forecast.

The warmth of the weekend is leaving quickly as a couple of cold fronts look to knock us down about 30 pegs. Temperatures are still in the 50s for most. As the front crosses late tonight, temperatures will dip quickly to the 30s. A few light showers are starting to develop, but the bulk of the rain will get here shortly before midnight. A few embedded t-storms will be possible, so don’t be alarmed if a rumble wakes you up tonight. As the frigid Canadian air moves in after midnight snow will start to mix in with the rain. Some showers may fall as completely snow. Accumulations are expected to be minor. A few-tenths of an inch will collect on the grass, your car, and roofs. Snow will melt quickly on roads, but exposed roads like bridges and overpasses can become cold enough to support some sticking or ice. Wind will also be an issue through the late period tonight and morning Monday. Wind speeds will reach 20 mph with gusts as high as 40 possible. This will make the potential for slips a little higher. Use caution on roads during all commutes Monday. The snow will leave as we move into Tuesday morning. Clouds will decrease, but the best we’ll do for afternoon highs midweek will be the mid-30s. Heavy jackets needed.