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Light Snow Still Possible Overnight

Posted at 6:28 PM, Nov 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-26 18:28:45-05

Today has been relatively decent when talking travel conditions. Precipitation has been scattered and types have ranged from rain to snow, to sleet. Most of the precipitation that has fallen stayed north of I-64 or right along the corridor. Most others were just stuck in the clouds and cold. Temperatures quickly dropped to the mid-30s and that’s where we’ve stayed all day. That being said, we’ve been dealing with wind chills in the 20s thanks to a stout wind ranging between 15 and 25 mph with gusts that have almost hit 50.

Still tracking a few mixed-bag showers, most of which are north of I-64. Precipitation could be mist, snow, or a mix of that and sleet. Even as the precipitation quells a bit, we’re not quite out of the woods. Showers will continue overnight and that will bring in the best chance for accumulation. Temperatures will begin dropping below freezing as the sun sets and that means that surfaces that cool quickly will have the ability to collect snow. That is, if a shower lines up over you. Amounts on cars, grass, bridges, and overpasses could amount to a few tenths of an inch. Roads that are at ground level will stay warm enough most of the night to melt off snow quickly. However, roads will be slippery if you get any form of precipitation tonight and tomorrow morning. Showers will completely end through the middle of Tuesday. The we are just plain cold. Wind will come down some, but is still expected to be breezy Tuesday. Problem, is temperatures will be sub-freezing all day, and that means we could be dealing with wind chills in the mid-teens. Bundle up!