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Light Snow Continues Today/Tonight

Posted at 2:16 PM, Nov 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-27 17:29:30-05

Snow continues to fall around Kentucky as squalls containing light snow or flurries move in from the northwest. Roads are handling the snow pretty well, unless you travel further north where heavier snow has fallen around Cincinnati. In the heart of the Kentucky, roads are melting snow thanks to pre-treatment. Some bridges, overpasses, viaducts, turn lanes, and shoulders are collecting. This trend will continue as long as showers continue to fall. Temperatures will also continue to support this as they remain below freezing.

Light snow or flurries are expected to continue to fall through the overnight period. As the sun goes down, showers should lessen and become more scattered. Roads will be slippery through tomorrow morning. Other than that, it’s overcast and very cold. Temperatures will remain below freezing through today and tonight. Most of tomorrow will also stay below freezing but we should end with a high somewhere around 35 degrees. So it continue to be “bundle up” weather through tomorrow and into Thursday morning. After that we enter a warming trend that brings us through the weekend. This will also be accompanied by a rain maker that will likely make 2018 the wettest year on record!