Winter Weather Advisory Tonight/Tomorrow AM

Posted at 2:11 PM, Dec 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-04 17:33:28-05

We are tracking a minor snow event tonight and Wednesday morning that will make roads dicey at times. As of now, light rain/snow mix showers are falling, but as temperatures cool tonight snow will become the only form of precipitation. The StormTracker Threat Index is at a level ONE or SLIGHT for tonight and tomorrow morning.

Temperatures are too warm at the surface to collect any of the minor winter precipitation falling. However, since we’re only in the mid-30s, it won’t take long for surface temperatures to fall well below freezing later tonight. This includes roadways. Roads will begin collecting when temperatures cool enough and only if a moderate snow showers rolls over them. Showers will be scattered at best, so some areas may be missed by the heaviest or completely. Still, all locations in Central and Eastern Kentucky have the ability to pick up between a few tenths of an inch and up to an inch through Wednesday morning. A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY will take effect tonight and last through 1 pm Wednesday morning. Use caution on roads through this time frame. This includes the morning commute. Bridges and overpasses will collect first due to the exposed surfaces cooling faster.

Stay with the StormTracker Weather Team for the latest information and updates on the winter weather expected overnight. More at the LEX 18 Weather Page