Foggy Start, Sunny Finish

Posted at 4:53 AM, Dec 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-17 07:50:08-05

We’re pretty much going to copy yesterday’s forecast and paste it to today. The only difference will be the removal of rain chances and clouds; well, most clouds. Patchy and thick morning fog has been spotted around the state this morning just like yesterday. This will cause reduced visibility at times. As temperatures begin to warm under the sun, we’ll see the fog lift and break apart. This will leave us with a beautiful rest of the day.

Temperatures will run cool the next few days due to a couple of dry cold fronts. These fronts have almost no moisture to work with, so we’ll remain sunny with chilly temperatures, but with no precipitation. In fact, we stay dry until early Thursday when the next round of rain moves in. This will be with an incoming warm front. Therefore, the shift in wind will warm temperatures into the low 50s for the middle of the work week. It will be short-lived however, as a cold front delivers a cooler air mass to us starting Friday. Precipitation chances will remain high, both Thursday and Friday. As temperatures drop to near freezing Saturday morning, some of the rain may change over to snow. Minor accumulations may occur in the higher elevations of the southeast mountains. Otherwise, just prepare for a rainy end of the week. Sun returns Saturday afternoon.