Snow Wrapping Up

Posted at 5:25 AM, Jan 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-20 05:26:57-05

We’re seeing the last of the snow shield leave Kentucky. Before departing the Bluegrass snow amounts hit 1.25” in Lexington. Temperatures have dropped quickly over the last few hours. We were at freezing around 11:30 last night and now we’re in the low 20s or upper teens. We dropped 10+ degrees in about 6 hours. Snow on the roads will be a hazard today, but more importantly is the ice that the snow is covering. This will remain on roads through the morning and most of today. Avoid getting out on the roads at all costs.

Snow showers are winding down as the winter storm continues on its path east. Snow amounts have ranged from an inch and a quarter here in Lexington to around 3 inches in Western Kentucky counties. The snow will cause issues, but the bigger concern is the ice underneath. The rain continues last night up until the freezing line and after temperatures plummeted, ice formed. Snow fell on top of the ice, and roads are in bad shape. Stay off of the roads this morning, and let crews work on cleaning them up. Freezing air is in place and will be here through Tuesday morning, so prepare for bitter cold temperatures the next few days. Overnight lows will dip down to the single digits tomorrow morning and wind chills will reside around or a little below zero. If you go outside, cover all exposed skin. Bring pets indoors. Temperatures will warm for the middle of the upcoming week, but will fall again next weekend. Don’t forget to catch the total lunar eclipse tonight! It will be bitter cold so you may only want to go out and see it when it’s during it’s total phase, which is from 11:41 pm to 12:43 am. Remember to bundle up and cover all exposed skin if you venture out for the eclipse. The temperatures will run between 10 and 15 degrees with a wind chill near zero.