Things Remain Calm…For Now

Posted at 1:54 PM, Mar 11, 2019

Not much change in the way of the Ohio River Valley forecast. Cold mornings followed by mild afternoons and some sunshine behind a cirrus shield overhead. Temperatures have warmed into the upper 40s so far, but started about 10 degrees lower this morning. There have been bits of sunshine, but most of it is blocked. A few light showers are passing right along the KY/TN state line.

Outdoor weather was in the cards for us today, and more will be in store tomorrow. In fact, you can pretty much copy and paste the forecast for Tuesday. We’ll start cold, end mild, and will get some sun to go along with it. This will be the last of the short-lived stagnant pattern. Changes begin midweek. A sudden boost in temperatures will occur with a strong southerly flow starting Wednesday morning. Temperatures will move from the 40s Wednesday morning to the upper 60s Wednesday afternoon, despite an increase in cloud coverage. A further warm up is expected Thursday right before a strong cold front. Temperatures will soar into the low 70s Thursday afternoon. That same cold front will also bring back a taste of lurking winter for Saint Patrick’s Day weekend, so don’t put up the coats just yet.