Great Week Ahead

Posted at 8:00 AM, Mar 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-17 06:42:06-04

Things are shaping up to be nice in this week’s weather. Temperatures will eventually begin to rise with more dry days than wet. Today will be chilly, but will still end up in the 50s for afternoon highs. This morning, however, is starting cold with temperatures below freezing. If you are going anywhere before or during sunrise, allow a little extra time for frost.

The next few days will be very similar in temperature. Cold mornings, right around or below freezing, and mild afternoons can be expected. A small clipper system will bring in a cool down for Monday and Tuesday before we begin our upward trek in temperatures. A few passing drizzle or even flurry showers are possible today. First in the middle of the day, and again this evening. Amounts will be negligible for rain and snow will not accumulate, if it even falls. Still, don’t be alarmed if you see either forms of precipitation. Monday will bring more sunshine along with chilly temperatures. The next chance for precipitation will be a few passing rain showers on Thursday. In between we start to warm. We should reach the mid-50s by Wednesday and after a brief dip Thursday, we continue to climb into the 60s for the end of the week. Only three days look to bring precipitation in the 8-day forecast, and even then, amounts will be minor. We’re looking a pretty dry week.