Things Change

Posted at 7:10 AM, Mar 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-24 07:10:28-04

The nice weather of yesterday will be changing through today. More clouds can be expected and even a few showers before tomorrow’s storm. As for now, things are mostly quiet. A few virga showers are sliding along and north of the Ohio River but not much of that is making it to the ground as the air is just too dry. Otherwise, it’s cloudy and cold, but not freezing.

Clouds will be abundant through today and thickening later. A few bits of sun will be see here and there, but not much. Showers will continue to make a run east and we may have a few light spots later today or this evening. This would be associated with the warm front that will bring temperatures up into the 60s for the afternoon. Heavier rain is promised overnight and early tomorrow morning along with a few thundershowers thanks to a cold front. A subsequent cold front diving south from Canada will be responsible for the cold air we experience Tuesday as the sun comes back out. Afterwards, we warm quickly and the rest of the week looks pretty good.