Not the Best of Days

Posted at 8:00 AM, Mar 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-30 06:53:27-04

Today will be everything it hasn’t been outside recently. Well, except for warm. Temperatures are already starting mild and will finish around 70 degrees. However, that nice warm up comes with some not-so-nice weather. Scattered rain through the day along with evening thunderstorms may put a damper on outdoor plans.

Temperatures are running warm for now, so you can imagine that with the sunshine we’ll have a nice afternoon, temperature-wise at least. We started today in the upper 50s and will dip a few before warming. Even with the abundant cloud coverage, temperatures are still expected to be around 70 for afternoon highs thanks to a stout southwesterly winds. Sustained winds will run between 10 and 25 mph with gusts as high as 45-50 possible. Keep in mind, that high profile vehicles will have difficulty driving in the crosswinds, especially along west-east highways. All that we have through most of the day is cloud coverage and a few scattered rain showers from time to time. The bulk of the activity doesn’t arrive until later this evening with a line of heavy rain and thunderstorms embedded. The worst of these storms will be west of us, but a few strong wind gusts or even hail is possible as the squall line passes. Rain exits Sunday and a few showers could mix with snow before it’s all said and done. More sunshine expected Sunday afternoon as temperatures drop.