Pattern Change

Posted at 7:07 AM, Apr 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-07 07:07:27-04

As of now, changes are rapidly occurring with a line of heavy rain and thunderstorms moving northeastward across Central Kentucky. Lightning strikes have been detected in the center of the line and strong wind gusts are likely occurring around this line. It will continue to dump rain as it moves in and out. Reduced visibility is certainly possible as the heaviest of the rain comes in. This will not be it for the day. More rain is on the way with strong thunderstorms in the afternoon/evening. Temperatures are mild and will warm quickly thanks to the incoming warm front.

Yesterday was wonderful even with the sun only partially coming out. In fact, that made it even better as temperatures stayed mild under the clouds and not a drop fell across the state. Today, things are changing rapidly. An incoming line of showers and storms will be sweeping across the state this morning, but more activity will continue through today. Scattered and fast-moving thunderstorms will blossom into the afternoon and evening which could spell trouble. Wind will be the primary threat with these thunderstorms. Due to the fast nature of the storm movement, strong and potentially damaging wind gusts could form from the thunderstorms. Hail is in the “medium” category as there will be mostly small to moderate, but the stronger storms could produce large hail today. A few isolated spin-up tornadoes can’t be ruled out either, but the majority of these will happen well to our southwest today. Still, be prepared to move into your “safe place” if a tornadic storm does occur near you. Remember to download the FREE StormTracker Weather App for your smart device to keep on top of the storms today.