April to June

Posted at 8:00 AM, Apr 28, 2019

Things are cooling down for another day thanks to the cold front this morning. Showers and storms rolled through overnight with a decent amount of wind, but now we’re seeing the last of the precipitation. The more apparent effects will be the cool down through the day. As of now, a few leftover showers are showing up, mainly in the northeast. Temperatures are running warmer than yesterday thanks to cloud coverage and southerly wind, but it’s only a matter of time before the cooler air works in from the north.

Showers and thundershowers rolled through last night after clouds increased through the day. The cold front held off until early this morning and has only dropped a few residual showers in its wake. Temperatures will not cool until the front crosses the state and the low moves east. Winds started out of the south this morning leading to a 20-25 degree warm-up compared to yesterday at this time. Despite this, as the winds quickly shift out of the north later this morning, cooler air will work in, and the best we do this afternoon is the low 60s. Still, our high will go down as 67 because that was the temperature recorded at midnight. Temperatures warm nicely through the week as we touch the middle 80s Wednesday before cooling down for Derby weekend.